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The figure above shows a picture created with the default settings of Posteriser. This creates quite a 'vibrant' image that can be quite overpowering. I allowed for up to eight colours as I felt this would be more than most people would want or need.

This figure uses only three colours which can give a much better effect. Any adjacent sliders can be used to create an image with less than eight colours with the others set to maximum or minimum values. The image on the Posteriser main page is another example of using fewer colours in that case five.

This figure uses all eight possible values but all but three use the original image pixels rather than the selected colour. If the box beside the colour swatch is ticked the original image pixels will be used for this range.

This figure uses all eight colour ranges but only two colours have been selected, blue and white. By doing this it is possible to create some strange and interesting effects. Just adjust the sliders to get an effect you like. Small changes can have large effects.


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