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The most up to date files for this project are listed below and can be downloaded from here.
On the download pages you will be presented with a list of mirror sites to download from. Just click on the icon on the right of the table beside a mirror and you will be able to download from there.


Installation Instructions

These programs handle image files that can be quite large therefore a minimum of 256MB of RAM is needed but 512MB is recommended more would be better.

To install on a Windows machine the simplest way is to download the installer, double click on the file and follow the instructions.

To install on other operating systems download the JAR and Help files found below in the Required Files section. Unzip these files into the same directory, the program will look for the Help and License directories in the same one as the JAR file. To run the program you can double click on the JAR file but this will use the default memeory for Java that will be insufficient for all but the smallest images. The best way to start the program is with a script that uses the -Xmx switch to set the memory for Java to either 256MB or 512MB. The following line

java -Xmx256m -jar photolith.jar

will run the program with 256MB of RAM allocated to Java.


Java Runtime Files

The Java Runtime files required for these programs can be downloaded from here.
The link you are looking for is Download JRE with a number after it. From this page select the correct download for your operating system.
If you already run some Java programs you will not need to download these again.


Windows Installer

At present this is the only installer available.
This file will install all the necessary files in the required locations. The installer is an executable JAR file, you need to have the JRE installed to run it.
The links below will take you to the download pages.

Photo Lith Windows Installer

Posteriser Windows Installer

Black & White Installer


Required Files

There is also available an executable jar file with the required Help and License files.
If you have java installed on a non windows machine this is the file you want.
I suggest you use a command line switch, -Xmx256m, if you are going to be using large files and you have at least 256MB of RAM available. If you are only using small files or have less than this amount of RAM no switch will be needed.
The links below will take you to the download pages.

Photo Lith JAR File and Help

Posteriser JAR File and Help

Black & White JAR File and Help


Source Code

The source codes are available from the links below.

Photo Lith Source

Posteriser Source

Black & White Source


Previous Versions

Previous versions are also available and can be found by following the link below.

Photo Lith ,Posteriser and Black & White Files


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