Photo Lith
Black & White
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This is the original Photo Lith application.

It was developed to allow simple creation of high contrast images in Black and White and in colour.

The main screen of Photo Lith 2.0

The type of image to be produced is selected from the Filter drop-down list, the brightnes levels where the colour transitions are to take place are set using the sliders and any colours required are selected from the colour patches.

Using the controls is very straightforward, to select a filter click on the down arrow in the Select Filter panel and then click on the desired filter on the list. When a new filter is selected the new image is created using the same slider settings making it possible to compare various options for an original. Photo Lith will remember what colours you used and if you change back to a previous filter the colours will be preserved. This does not work if you close Photo Lith.
To select a colour just click on a colour patch and this will open a window allowing you to select any colour you require.

The various filters are described on this page.

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