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October 30th 2005

Version 2.0 of Photo Lith was released today.
There has been quite a large rewrite of the code. Some classes that were not really doing anything have gone and several more that handle things like opening and saving files and creating liths have been added.
I have now added support for uncompressed RGB TIFF files to improve image quality.
There is also a progress bar to give some indication of how much work has been done.
Now when the sliders are moved to alter an existing lith image only the part that is changed is recalculated, before the whole lith was recalculated and this was irritating for large files.
There is also now a Splash Screen at the start to let you know the program is loading.


October 22nd 2005

Version 1.1.1 of Photo Lith Posteriser was released today.
I've added a preview of the selected file to the open dialog.
Also altered some methods to prevent conflicts as with Photo Lith below.


October 21st 2005

Sat exam yesterday and finished studying for this year!! Back to fun with Photo Lith!!
Version 1.9.1 of Photo Lith was released today.
Not enough done for a 2 yet!
I've added three new filters (Cut out White, Cut out Black and Cut out Colour) that are the opposite of three existing ones (Cut to White, Cut to Black and Cut to Colour). There is also now a preview of the selected file in the open dialog. Some methods have been altered to prevent thread conflicts, should have done this when I wrote them but I was busy and not thinking clearly.


July 10th 2005

Version 1.1 of Photo Lith Posteriser was released today.
It has the same additions as the version of Photo Lith released yesterday.
There are no new user functions, you just know what is going on.
The Windows installer is now wrapped in an .exe file but still requires the Java Runtime files.


July 9th 2005

Version 1.9 of Photo Lith was released today.
I have added a status bar at the bottom of the main window to inform the user of what processing is taking place.
I have also added to new thread classes to handle the processing of lith images and the creation of the brightness table from the original image.
There are no new user functions, you just know what is going on.
The Windows installer is now wrapped in an .exe file but still requires the Java Runtime files.


June 25th 2005

Today I have released new versions of the Windows installer for Photo Lith 1.8 and Posteriser 1.0.
There is no difference to the code or any other files, just the way the program is launched. Using JSmooth I have created native Windows binary files that now open much more quickly than the old ones without the need for all the batch files and script files.
If you already have these versions please download the new installers for a better experience. I have not given these files a new release number so just use the same links.
All the windows installers I use are made using IzPack.


April 3rd 2005

Version 1.0 of Photo Lith Posteriser was released today.
This produces posterised images with up to eight colours, that should be more than enough. It works in much the same way as Photo Lith, load your RGB jpeg, set the seven sliders and choose your colours.


March 27th 2005

Version 1.8 was released today.
There was a bug in the last release. When you opened a new image that was larger than the old one the old image corrupted the new lith image, if the new image was smaller there was serious problems. Silly mistake on my part, took a while to find but seconds to fix. All seems well now.
Also removed the posterisation instructions from the Help files - Photo Lith Posteriser will be released soon, just got some Help files to produce.


March 3rd 2005

Version 1.7 was released today.
Altered the way the program stores the pixel brightnesses to use specialised class rather than just an array. This doesn't seem to be much faster but I like this way of doing it.
I also improved the handling of trying to cross the sliders, now it only tries to create a lith image once.
I feel this is getting to the situation I wanted for this program, I'm going to concentrate on the posterizer for now.


February 26th 2005

Version 1.6 was released today.
The program now calculates the brightness of each pixel when it loads an image rather than each time the value of a threshold is changed. At present it is a judgement call if this is faster or not.
I have also linked the sliders so now it is not possible to set the upper threshold to a value that is below the upper threshold or the lower threshold to more than the upper.


February 10th 2005

Version 1.5 was released today.
I fixed the HTML Help so that's much better. Also added a link to this website.
Still working on increasing speed.


February 5th 2005

Version 1.4 was released today.
This version has an improved user interface, it looks the same as the last one but it can be resized in a useful way.
The help is also visible again but not the fancy HTML version, you have to look that up yourself in the installation directory.
Next on the list I'm going to try to improve the speed, I always knew calculating all the brightness of all the pixels each time a change was made was a bad idea but I wanted the pictures first. Now we do it the sensible way!
Starting a new Open University course today as well, Designing Intrernet Applications, but I will try to get this fixed as soon as possible.


January 16th 2005

Version 1.3 was released today.
The versions that have been released so far have all been growing on the previous code and as a result it was getting a bit sloppy so for this release I have rewritten the code from scratch and it looks a bit better.
This version has a new interface that gives prominence to the lith image and is more carefully laid out.
I have also added a new filter, 3 Colour, that allows different colours above the upper threshold, between the thresholds and below the lower threshold giving a simple 3 colour posterisation effect. I am working on a larger posterisation process but I do not know if it will be part of Photo Lith or a stand alone application as yet.


November 20th 2004

As expected life has been getting in the way of Photo Lith but...
Version 1.2 of Photo Lith was released today. The only change here is internal, the algorithm used to determine the brightness of a pixel has been improved. Before the brightness was determined as the average of the Red, Green and Blue values of the pixel now the formula Brightness = 0.3Red + 0.59Green + 0.11Blue is used.


October 16th 2004

Version 1.1 of Photo Lith was released today. This has three new filters added that allow the user to create liths with user-selected colours. The filters are called Colour/Colour, Cut to Colour and Cut to Colours and are described on the Filters page.


October 10th 2004

This website was created to replace the temporary one that was set up when the first release was made.
As more work is carried out on the project it will be reported here and more pages will be added as required.
I am currently working on some coloured filters and these will be incorporated into the next release that will be available as soon as possible.


October 3rd 2004
Version 1.0 of Photo Lith was released today. There are six filters included in this release and it is able to open and save jpeg files.
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